A Guide to Winning Mind Games
A Guide to Winning Mind Games
Keep Your Hair and Your Health
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There are many guides available that focus on dealing with stress, but virtually all the advice concentrates on responding to the results and symptoms of stress, rather than its causes. No wonder everyone continues to suffer from the devastating consequences of being stressed out.

Author Manuel Antonio Lopez, a professional mechanical engineer, seeks to fill this void in knowledge by sharing stress alleviators that he has discovered over a lifetime. In this practical guidebook to understanding the causes of stress-related hair loss and illness, you can discover how to reverse harmful effects.

Lopez looks back on his own battles with stress and how he went form being hyperactive and stressed out to relaxed and carefree. As a result of dealing with his stress, he went from being balding and overweight to being trim and sporting a head of thick, lustrous hair.

Get a better night’s sleep, prevent depression, keep your hair, and, most importantly, boost your chances of living a long and healthy life with A Guide to Winning Mind Games.

"The Adapted Hyperactive State is an adapted accelerated or hyperactive condition, which happens when both mind and body adapt or memorize an accelerated or hyperactive condition, which results in a permanent chronic or nervous state of the mind and body.  Things look different when an individual is moving at a faster state of mind, values are impacted, material gratification becomes necessary, senses are exaggerated, sexual gratification becomes necessary, satisfaction becomes constantly needed to cope with stress, desires increase, and the appetite for food increases by the need for food becoming exaggerated and triggered more often."; "The Adapted Hyperactive State causes baldness from the higher inner processing temperature of the brain, which is caused by the onset of the Adapted Hyperactive State .  This higher nervous or internal processing frequency increases the temperature of the brain, which damages and dries the hair follicles by overheating them and depriving them of their nutrients and their natural healing environment.  Therefore, this harsh environment damages or kills hair follicles and causes accelerated hair loss or damage."

Manuel Antonio Lopez earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland and is a professional mechanical engineer. He has studied the true causes of stress-related problems for more than forty years. He currently lives in Maryland.


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