The Defenders of Prali
The Defenders of Prali
Book One: The Dragon of Prali
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Life in Prali, a small village nestled in a picturesque valley in the Italian Alps, is quiet and safe—until the gates to the underworld open nearby, unleashing the fury of the last of the dragons. Generations earlier, the dragons were driven from Prali and slaughtered. Now they have returned with only one goal: revenge against humanity.

A young Franciscan monk named Bernard, an English girl named Mary, and a knight named Leonardo are all that stand in the way of fiery oblivion unleashed by the invading dragon army. The underworld is a place of dark and mysterious magic, where threats far more diabolical than dragons lurk in the shadows.

A powerful wizard, Simon Magnus, sees the plight of the overwhelmed heroes and offers his assistance. But his intentions are far from altruistic; after the dragons destroy the villages, Magnus plans to step in to enslave the villagers and enlists the help of winged furia, demons from the underworld, to finish off the dragons. Desperate, Bernard seeks the assistance of the French leader, Clement Laurent. Infuriated, Magnus brings in Persian mercenaries to crush the resistance. Meanwhile, news that fighters from the Vampire Empire are on the march toward Prali pushes the heroes to the breaking point.

The fate of Prali rests in the outcome of an epic battle between the combined forces of good and evil. Can Bernard and his allies hope to save their village and their way of life?

Long ago deep within the Italian mountains adjacent to the French boarder is nestled a small village named Prali. It is a peaceful, tranquil village, until suddenly the gates of the underworld is opened with unleashing power to destroy the civilization of Prali and with it the entire world. The region is mercilessly raided from the sky by the last of the dragon species who wants to reclaim the region for himself and revenge upon the people for slaying his ancestors into extinction. A lone Franciscan monk named Bernard, an English girl Mary Archer and Leonardo the knight join forces to defeat the evil from above and attempt to save their friends, family, and the people of Prali from the sinister invasion of The Dragon of Prali. The underworld is also a place of magic and right behind the dragon is something more diabolical that Mary Archer along with her companions must contend with, and the Wizard Simon Magnus sees the difficulty the heroes have in the form of the dragon and takes it upon himself to undermine the flying foe and take over the Prali region for himself to exploit the people and rule the region forever. Joining Mary and her Franciscan friend is the leader Clement Laurent of the armies of France. Can Clement together with Mary and Bernard defeat the wizard who is also in league with three ancient furia named Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera? Just when you think Prali is about to be in the grasp of pure evil the wizard makes matters worse by hiring mercenaries from Persia to solidify his power and become The Wizard of Prali. Mary and Bernard dealing with the dragon and the wizard have their hands full when suddenly news of the Vampire Empire is on the march towards Prali. When news reaches the ears of Mary that the world is in peril and it is proper timing for the mass invasion by the vampires, she seeks the help of Bernard along with the French and Bavarian armies. News reaches the people of Prali when an unsuspecting Russian spy named Yaroslav Yolkin who is sent by Dmitry the Grand Prince to warn the region of the vampire army who is planning a full invasion. Can Mary Archer, Bernard the monk, Clement Laurent, Yaroslav Yolkin, together with the armies of Italy, France, and the Germans defeat the onslaught of the dragon, wizard, and The Vampires of Prali?

DAVIDSON L. HAWORTH has written several novels, and he is considered to be the father of historical fantasy. He is also the pioneer of conducting full book tours strictly at comic book, science fiction, and fantasy conventions. Davidson also tours on an international circuit to promote his writings and converse with those from around the globe. In the United States he spends most of his efforts speaking at pop culture conventions and educational institutions. Davidson lives with his wife and two children in San Jose, California.


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