Triangular Man
Triangular Man
Unlocking our Being to becoming Whole
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Triangular Man: Unlocking our Being to becoming Whole probes the deep structures, embodied in the angle and the triangle, that shape reality and give meaning to life. Through her private study of the Torah and her exposure and exploration of the history of interpretation that lives in Israel, Polaris arrived at a comprehensive approach to making sense of human existence. In its journey through the fine-grain details of the text of the Torah and its keen observations drawn from such diverse disciplines as linguistics, anatomy, environmental studies, and Jewish teaching, Triangular Man fashions a comprehensive synthesis. This combination accomplishes what the book's subtitle promises. It provides a key to unlocking the mysteries of human being and shows its readers a way to become whole. This book demonstrates how the figures 2 and 3, as reflected in the two-sided angle and the three-sided triangle, aid one another in interpreting life in all its aspects-the natural, the personal, the social, and the religious. It will challenge your beliefs, broaden the range of your thinking, and open your eyes to the riches of the human journey.
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Polaris is a pen name. Born in Tunisia, the author grew up in France, married an Englishman, and finished her study of English and Russian in Great Britain. She read the Torah on her own. In Israel, she learned other interpretations of those writings. A freelancer, she lives in Jerusalem.

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