Walking with Basho
Walking with Basho
Poems, Rambles, and Rants
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I don’t claim to have any profound answers or life changing insights; I’ll leave that to others. But I do believe that we need to make an effort to be more present, particularly now when we are becoming so increasingly distracted. This value judgment is about as arrogant as I get, but that’s what I notice in so many people today. I did try to be as truthful as possible about how wonderful, ironic, funny, sad, horrible, confusing, unfair, terrifying, ecstatic, and bizarre this life has appeared to me at times. I guess I just tried to verbalize the feelings and thoughts that I believe we’ve all had when confronted with the stunning mysteries of this existence - the mother of all our adjectives.

I’d like to think that anyone could pick up “Walking with Basho” and get something worthwhile out of my Poems, Rambles, and Rants which I’ve described in the first pages of this book. Perhaps it won’t be more than “Yeah, that’s how I’ve felt at times myself ”. I’d be happy with that.

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I was born in Paris, France in 1942 and have maintained dual citizen ship since then. I was educated at Boston College then taught in secondary school and the University; I was stationed in Germany as a Military Police Officer in the Army. Currently,

I am a professional musician [Guitar, Native American Flute and Voice [samples at: glagadec.com], a writer and composer of a two and a half hour musical: SHAMAN [Shamanplay. com] available for small as well as larger theater ensembles. I also perform “Words, Wind, and Wood”, a spoken word concert with musical accompaniment; actual live samples are on the personal web site above. I also teach yoga at The Maha Yoga Center in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Presently I record at my studio [Eye of the Storm Studio], concentrating on Stress Management, Meditation, and Relaxation CDs [Ancient Echoes and Theta Winds]


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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