La Fleur
La Fleur
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La Fleur is a poetry collection about dealing with love and relationships. This book takes the reader into the Author’s personal world of heartbreak, pain, love, and triumph. La Fleur takes place at a time in the Author’s life where she was transitioning from being a girl to a woman. La Fleur translates to “The Flower” in English which is very symbolic for the Author for many reasons. First the name Jasmine is a type of flower; and second the Author finds it unique since flowers need two things two grow, the sun and the rain. La Fleur conveys those concepts. All the pain one experiences in a relationship only to later find joy and happiness. I believe the song by Maze and Frankie Beverly, “Joy and Pain” put it best when it explains that love is filled with joy and pain. All poems are written based off the Author’s experiences. The book talks about some of the things the Author experienced such as dealing with men that very disrespectful and degrading to the point where the Author has to decide to love and respect herself before she can expect anyone else to. You will find many poems in this book based off that concept such as the title, “Gypsy Lover 1 & 2” which talks about a guy leaving her for someone else and then comparing her to this woman he had left her for, which is something that the Author has experienced many times in her life. The Author believes that after a while when you keep going through things you become experienced and choosing on how you take or deal with the situation you learn from it and move forward. A lot of people think the idea of falling in love is fun and games until they get in deep and realize the work and commitment it takes to put into making a relationship work out if it is meant to be. It’s not a “self-help” or “how to” book but rather a biography of the heart’s experiences.

Midnight Darkness Oh, if I could just reach you Your heart has gone away Your feelings of love seem to have faded away You reply with what can I do for you today? As if there's odd reason for the sweet feelings that I convey You say you're not used to being loved this way In an instant you push me away Is it okay to cry? The midnight darkness will catch them As I walk home in shame No one could imagine the disgrace It's written all over my face But the midnight darkness will get as a shade I'm so afraid for things to be this way My heart is ever so gray But the midnight darkness will make it go away It's midnight and you look to me and say There's nothing more I can do for you today A fracture appears in my heart I walk alone! I walk alone in the dark! Hating to bitterly depart But you broke my heart I cry alone But don't worry the midnight darkness will catch them The midnight darkness will make it go away

Jasmine K. Lewis is a writer from the state of Georgia and has traveled around the United States. Writing has been a big part of her life ever since 7th grade. She grew up watching one of my older sisters, Kelli Monique Lewis write stories and poems in her free time and got inspired to started writing her own. The first story she wrote was called, “Vampire in the Night”, a little short story about kids who have an encounter with a vampire after their parents leave the house. Since that time she has written many stories and poems that she have made into collections which she hope the world will read one day. Unfortunately, she don’t remember the first poem she wrote since she started off with writing stories first. Most of her poems and stories are written from experiences. I guess you could say that most of Jasmine’s poems and stories have pieces of her sprinkled on a page in an artistic way. She has come to find that writing to her is an art in which she can express herself freely without boundaries. Writing on several occasions has helped her to relax and get her emotions out and deal with the things she have been feeling. Jasmine is in love with writing and doesn’t think that she could ever be without it. So to those that are writers out there Jasmine’s best advice to you is to keep writing and exploring emotions. Never be afraid to let the world here your story through words. Some day you will capture the world’s attention so never give up.


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