Never Alone
Never Alone
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Never Alone shares Cassidy B.’s story of addiction and salvation written in verse form. Her poetry explores the challenges that many addicts face.

Most reach a turning point at which only they can answer the question of whether or not they suffer from the disease of addiction. It may take months or even years to come to this self-realization, and during that time the tumultuous disease of addiction can destroy families, loved ones, and individuals, affecting many more people who live and work around the addict as well. Even so, from the lowest of lows, it is possible to create miracles in our lives through the process of recovery.

Through her poetry, Cassidy B. expresses the loneliness and despair of an addict’s life and the light of recovery that only few are able to experience. Never Alone illustrates the roller coaster of emotions that many must face if they stay long enough to experience the gifts and beauty that can be achieved through willingness to change their lives.

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Cassidy B., currently the director of sales for a showroom in downtown Los Angeles, has a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from California State University–Northridge. She is a recovering addict and has been clean for six and a half years thanks to a twelve-step program. She currently lives in West Hills, California, where she grew up.

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