A Battle Won by Handshakes
A Battle Won by Handshakes
The Story of Alpha Company 1/5
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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As a US Marine, Lucas A. Dyer engaged in combat with the Taliban in Afghanistan’s heroin capital of Helmand. He fought in the Battle of Khanjar while participating in Operation Enduring Freedom from May 2009 to December 2009. He was one of the four thousand Marines who fought under Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson as a member of the Second Marine Expeditionary Brigade, which also included 650 Afghan soldiers. As a small unit leader and platoon commander leading Marines in battle, he fought terrorists and their allies on their home turf, witnessing unspeakable violence in the process. At a certain point, however, he and his fellow Marines realized that an eye for an eye would not accomplish their objectives; that marked a turning point for them, and a basis of true success began to unfold. Relying on counterinsurgency operations, they began shaking hands one at a time—and that was how they ultimately drove the Taliban away. Day by day and week by week, they proved that a small fighting force could work together with Afghans to become brothers-in-arms. In this memoir, Dyer recalls the events of his time in Afghanistan, sharing true stories from the front lines of how his company was able to win their battles through handshakes.
“An ear bleeding blast rocked us all. I lay flat on my back. Eyes open but only dust and smoke fill the air. I choke on the taste of gun powder and blood. Slowly and one by one the groans of pain and fear break the silence…”
Lucas A. Dyer is a US Marine who served thirteen years on active duty in the infantry before joining the Marine Corps Reserves. He has deployed multiple times, including to the Middle East and Helmand, Afghanistan, where he was decorated with combat valor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology, is a certified and licensed sports nutritionist, and writes about nutrition for Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. He is currently married and lives in Southern California.
Amazing book! A must read!
Tommy D 
incredible book!
Great read. Thanks for sharing
Best book of the year! Semper Fi
I loved the story. Great book and worth the read!
One of the most true and real books I have read about Afghanistan and what really happens.
Sarah K 
Amazing book! Should be an all time best seller. Thank you Marines!
I have ordered several copies for friends and family. His amazon reviews are all 5 stars, and after reading it I can see why! Great read.
Great Insight into what our Marines go through in Afghanistan , highly recommended it.
Enrique A Carranza 
I was honored to have served with Apache 1/5 after these guys returned from Nawa. Great read!
Daniel Collins 
Took me back to those days sweating in the heat, patrol after patrol. Easy read for my family members who werent in the military as everything was broken down into plain english. Sooo glad that I read this and I recommend it to all those that really dont understand what its like and want a glimpse of what its like from a first person point of view. Thanks to Luc Dyer for putting our story out there. Semper Fi
amazing book Luc Dyer....honored to know you and very proud...thank you for your service and for writing this book!
I found this book quite informative and interesting when ever i decided to read i wondered what would come next
Kelsea Martinez 
So proud of you and the legacy you're leaving for these marines to share with their children and future generations. So very special.
Such an exciting book to read with a lot of description of what Afghanistan is like. Movie next??
Really good book
Ryan Willise 
Outstanding look at what Marines go through and how they fight.
Ryan Conners 
As a military spouse and part if a military family your book helped me visualize not only what you deal with but gave me perspectives a family member/spouse may not have. Thank you for your service!!
Kathy Bonney 
Great read, insightful !
Great book
Jay McKee 
Great read.
denise dwyer 
Found it to be very repetitive almost like the author was thinking what he was going to say next. Found it to be poorly written.
James Fong 
For a non military guy this book was really interesting. Lucas did a great job telling his story in a way that everyone, I am sure, can relate, if not at least understand. Well worth the read! Amazing book!
Jason Owens 
Very informative, well written and fun to read. It was as if I was right there next to him at times. Kept me turning pages for more.
Mark Seebs 
Not enough stars to rate this book. I knew SSgt Dyer and he is one hell of a Marine. This book is spot on! Semper Fi
San Lo 
Came across this book on twitter as I saw a link that was retweeted. I have a collection of military books and this is one that I am proud to have added to my collection. I can't say enough good things about this book. Thank you Mr Lucas Dyer for your hard work and dedication. RIP to your Marines. Cart
Bolt Carter Jr 
Thank you for preserving history SSgt Dyer.
Rachael Vance 
amazing book !
Melissa Walker Fernandez Mcgee 
Semper Fi Lucas! Great book!
David Long SSgt/USMC 
Nice work and so proud of you brother! A really good book to read.
Carmen Ramos 
Everyone needs to read this book.
Micha Halard 
Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Go Marines!
Sarah Felitz 
Very well written and insightful book.
Jim Bellani 
SSGT Dyer wrote from experience. He did a great job honoring the history that we did as 1st battalion 5th marines. Great read great story great job
Louis nagy 
Having never served in the military this book was given to my brother and he said I should read it in order to understand what a deployment is like for the military. Lucas writes an amazing story that makes me wonder why news won't report the good they saw and did. Great book and I have a new respect for our men and women serving daily. God bless.
Jessica Belance 
Having served with 1/5 during my tour this book really brought out a sense of pride. This book is an excellent read. Thank you Lucas for the signed copy! Semper Fi!
Dave Ainsworth 
Amazing! I enjoyed every part of this book.
Cathy C 
Great read Lucas!! Awesome job I would definitely recommend this book to others!!!
Maisha Cullins 
Without knowing anything about the Marines, and what they go through, this book does a great job at opening up the whole picture. I hope to meet this man one day and shake his hand. Well done!
John Foreman 
Really good book and intense. I wasn't aware this is what the war was like. It would be nice to see this book in our schools so that the real word is being passed around about what our brave men and women are doing. Thank you.
Phillip Stanza 
Top notch! Great read.
Ian Lee 
Ran into Lucas the the LA Book event. Great book. Quick read and always willing to help support our Veterans. Thank you.
Will Loa 

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