Let’s Be Honest about MLM/Network Marketing
Let’s Be Honest about MLM/Network Marketing
MLM Fundamentals
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Let’s Be Honest
Honest, short and to the point answers about the MLM/Networking Marketing Industry?

Dr. H. L. Barner

It is time that we be honest about our industry!

In 1976 Dr. H. L. Barner discovered that he was an entruepreur and began to seek out ways to fulfill his dream of business ownership while serving his country in the military. Network Marketing was a perfect fit for him. “I can have a military career and own a business that I can take with me everywhere I go”. This book is written for that entruepreur who is seeking a home-based business that will provide them with all the benefits that comes with the traditional brick and mortar business. But desire to know the truth about MLM/Network Marketing before they take the BIG LEAP…..

• Can I do it…..
• It is hard to do……..
• Does it really works……
• Is there an opportunity to generate a residual income………
• Is it legal……….
• Is there tax benefits……..
• What is MLM…….
• Is it worth the cost………

Dr. H. L. desire you to know exactly what you can expect before you join this industry. You will find that millions of people from main street to wall street are excited and actively building MLM home-based businesses not only in the United States but all over the world and you can too. Right now!

Episode X “What about Tax Benefits?” “This is probably the best kept secret in America and it is a crying shame that people work hard day in and day out to earn an income only to turn around and give a big chunk of it back to the government. I have no problems with the government taxing the people to help run the government. What I do have a problem with is the fact that Americans pay millions of dollars in taxes that should be returned to people like you, but are not. You must position yourself in a way to take legitimate tax deductions so that you do not have to pay more taxes than you owe. Get smart about it!”
Dr. H. L. Barner started his Network Marketing career over 35 years go and has become one of the premier Multi-Level Marketing team builders in the world today. He has been a top income earner with several MLM companies. His downline organizations expanded the borders of the United States into Canada, Germany, and England. He is one of the most entertaining, motivational and inspirational speaker trainers in the history of Network Marketing. He has a vast amount of knowledge about the Network Marketing industry. He has created several marketing systems and training techniques that are being used throughout the Network Marketing industry. Dr. H. L. Barner tell you like it is, make plain and simple. When you attend one of trainings you walk out filled ideas, confidence and a new attitude.

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