Book One : The Sleeper Awakes
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The Sleeper is awake...the future is his to make.

Set in the year 749 of the New Age of Earth, eighteen year-old Anthony Kyser awakens from the slumber of obscurity to find himself thrust into manhood, growing up in a hurry, he meets with challenges and danger, as his fate becomes a race against time while he crosses moral highways, life's twists and turns that will define him as a man... a King, fighting for his birthright-his destiny- that was stolen away from him by an evil Queen.

Like all great civilizations the Kyser Societyis decaying from within. For 750 years the Kyser Society has existed in harmonyand prosperity with Earth. A weak King and a power hungry Queen has disruptedthe tranquility and shifted the focus. No longer are they the people who are destinedto return to the stars, to fulfill the vision of their Great Father John Kyser,they are a Society about to fracture. Two opposing camps, the Loyalists and theFlorians threaten to tear the very fabric of this Utopian society to shreds forterrestrial glory. The clouds of doubt and dismay darken the future bringing threatsof war.


But there is hope. 


The Sleeper awakes…is a story about a youngboy coming of age only to discover his life is not what it seems to be. Hisjourney of discovery introduces him to exotic lands, fascinating people andmystical creatures. A world of wonder and excitement.


Anthony Kyser is the Sleeper awakening into aworld he never dreamed existed. He is the keeper of the keys that unlock thefuture. With a band of friends he must stay one step ahead of the evil Queenand her minions while attempting to answer the question to an age old riddle. Hauntedby dreams he calls visions Anthony uncovers a wrinkle in time that reveals adeadly secret that will rock the foundations of the Kyser Society. 


It’s a race against time. Only Anthony canmake it right. There’s a twist at the end…time isn’t linear…it’s circular. Anthonyis awake…and he finds the future’s his to make.

Kyser is Anthony Polinice's debut novel; first of a trilogy; Book II of Kyser will be available sometime 2017; Anthony is a network engineer and resides on Long Island with his wife Lori and their two daughters Madison and Taylor.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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