Customer Karma
Customer Karma
Why Stop at a One-Night Stand, When You Can Have a Lifetime Relationship with Your Customers?
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In Arjun Sen's most recent book, Customer Karma, "Why stop at a one-night stand when you can have a lifetime relationship with your customer", he uncovers the blind spots of many well intentioned companies in the customer dating game. Arjun draws upon his broad experience in marketing, branding, and customer relationships to offer impactful customer-centered insights for business professionals of all levels. Arjun successfully piques your curiosity and keeps you coming back for more with his first-hand industry stories that demonstrate the power of genuinely connecting with clients. This book has something in it for anyone who intends to attract and keep customers, or someone who wants to build meaningful customer relationships.

Arjun playfully crosses the boundary of polite business correctness to reveal the biggest vulnerability of businesses; not knowing on a personal level anything about customers they are pursuing or specifically what makes them tick. He akins businesses to a dater and parallels the process of courting a date and should be a similar process to courting a customer. He brings tremendous value in his explanations of how to connect with customers in a way that requires awareness and authenticity.

Arjun excels in his ability to shift his perspective, and reframe situations, so that the reader can see things as both the business and the customer. His first-hand experiences are relatable and applicable to seemingly every business. Arjun cleverly examines plausible and real-life business scenarios, through the lens of karma, which he defines as outcomes based on one's own efforts and actions. The reader is left with a deeper understanding of what works to cultivate lifelong customer relationships, using dating relationships as the litmus test for authenticity and sincerity.

Customer Karma, is a must-read for any business that wants to attract, effectively serve and retain life-long customers. Good karma is cultivated by heart-felt good action. When companies genuinely invest in their customers, they are rewarded with good karma of customer loyalty the abundant returns. This formula works with every relationship and in every area of your life. But knowing the formula is not good enough as Arjun emphasizes that Customer Karma is about action, not words. Businesses build good "Customer Karma" only when they actually put their customers first in all their actions.


Let me give you a flavor of the book by sharing an Extract from the Marperations book. In this section I looked at the very popular customer loyalty programs most companies have from the point of view of human relationships. This will make you realize what the loyalty program truly means to the customer.

Companies who sell loyalty programs often justify that this is more effective and efficient than traditional ways of marketing. Of course, they are right as they have the numbers to prove their effectiveness. Often, businesses get into the habit of ongoing spending on maintaining loyalty.

Now let us take a step back and look at the bigger picture in life. In life, can you drive loyalty? Or is loyalty simply a result of two people who choose to be in a relationship and that is then earned over time? I personally think that the choice to be in a relationship comes first and then the trust builds over time, which leads to loyalty.

Let us now further apply the example of corporate loyalty to our personal lives. It may sound ridiculous but bear with me. Imagine you are a single man You meet this person and you really like her. As both of you just met, you think that she is seeing other people too. You do not like that. To make her "loyal" to you, you start tracking her behavior and her attitude towards you. Then you realize that she is going out with you once every two weeks. You invent an amazing reinforcement program. Every fifth time she goes out with you, you will send her flowers. In fact, you tell her ahead of time, "Girl, every fifth time you go out with me, you will get the most amazing flowers from me. They will be the best carnation bouquet you have ever seen."

Then you go on to say, "But that is just the beginning. Every third time you get flowers from me, I will upgrade them to roses." Then you pause to see her excitement at this offer.

Even though you know very well what her response to the program will be, for the sake of this example, let us assume that she continues to play this game. Let us also assume that she gets excited about this and starts seeing you more often. And you love that and immediately apply the program.

Now that she is seeing you on a weekly basis, you want her to continue to do so. So every time you go out, you get her a free dessert. Very nice, huh? And you continue to give her things to reward her and reinforce a higher level of loyalty. In life, if this is not the perfect way to build a relationship, I do not know what is! Ok, I am being sarcastic.

We all know that this experiment in life will only work if you are the only man she can find. Then it becomes a truly transactional connection. Yes, she will be loyal to you and there will be some Pavlovian influence on her behavior that gets reinforced by your "incentives". But is that the best way to build a lasting relationship?

Arjun Sen is president and founder of ZenMango®, a marketing consulting firm that works with restaurants, retail, nonprofits, academic institutions, golf pros, and other guest-experience-driven industries.

Previously, Sen led a prestigious corporate career, holding senior executive positions in several Fortune 500 companies. His primary focus is to assist brands to understand their current equity in the mind of the consumer to enhance their guest experiences and brands.

During Arjun's corporate tenure, he served as VP of Marketing and Operations Services for Papa John's International Worldwide. Arjun's previous experience includes positions at the University of Colorado, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Boston Market, Pizza Hut, Tata Iron & Steel, and Jillian's.

Arjun received his MBA from Brigham Young University and his Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

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