Protecting History
Protecting History
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George Marsh is a middle-aged security guard used to blending into the walls at the famous British Museum. One afternoon when he secures the gallery for a VIP visitor, Marsh has no idea that the visitor is the president of the United States and that shortly after he begins his tour, he will be murdered. Now Marsh is on the hot seat as he attempts to explain to the Secret Service how someone was able to sneak into the mummy room and assassinate the most powerful man in the world.

While Marsh attempts to unravel the mystery of the unexplained murder, he is interviewed by a beautiful newspaper reporter who immediately captures his attention. Unfortunately, Shelly Jenkins is hungry for success and views Marsh as her ticket to a juicy story and a front-page byline. When the pair discovers an ancient Egyptian amulet with mystical powers may be the key to understanding the assassination, they embark on a wild journey into the future where a decision awaits with the power to alter both of their lives forever.

In this gripping tale, a museum security guard and a zealous newspaper reporter attempt to solve the mystery behind the murder of the president of the United States.

George cleared his throat; this woman did seem to understand the problem he was facing. He knew that the director and those American agents were looking at him sideways; placing the blame squarely on his round shoulders. Yet the only door available to the assailant was locked when he did his run through and when Harry went to deliver the cables for the computers in Mr. Meitson's office. He had run it through his head a thousand times since the shot rang out but nothing made sense then or now. "Miss," he corrected himself, "Shelly I have gone over this with the American Secret Service and it makes no sense. The door the assailant used was locked this morning and a few moments after he escaped through the door it was still locked. There was no reason for anyone to open it or even go near that door." "How can someone use a locked door?" "That is the question of the century miss." He looked around the room and lowered his voice, "Not one of us can answer it and the Americans think we, meaning me is some how involved in all of this. I would lay money that someone followed us here and are listening in on this conversation trying to determine who you are and if you are involved too."

B. J. Chatfield earned a bachelor's degree in English and history from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently a teacher in the northern regions of Saskatchewan and author of the novel Cat on My Shoulder. B. J. divides her time between the far north and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she lives with Selket, a wonder cat and inspiration for her first novel.


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