Chance Encounters and Pleasant Interludes
Chance Encounters and Pleasant Interludes
A Collection of Erotic Vignettes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you ever been immediately drawn to someone? Have you experienced that initial, all-encompassing thrill that comes with that first physical contact?

Romance, sexual attraction, and the physical connection between persons are natural and as basic as breathing. Romance, sexual relationships, and physical contact should provide each of us with a positive, happy experience, regardless of long-term outcome. Love—and lust—at first sight, emotionally fulfilling relationships, and even happily ever after really do exist.

Chance Encounters and Pleasant Interludes is a collection of short stories —erotic vignettes intended to pleasantly titillate one’s romantic and erotic sensitivities.

These vignettes describe satisfying emotional and physical relationships between men and women, most of whom meet fortuitously, who follow their instincts to a pleasing culmination, perhaps to a satisfying relationship.

Chance Encounters and Pleasant Interludes answers questions like the following:

• Can an apple be the impetus for a lasting relationship? It worked for Eve.
• Can a chilly experience lead to a torrid resolution?
• Can a story from the grave restore luster to a dying relationship?
• Can teenage romance be successfully rekindled?
• Can a heart attack inspire a heart experience?
• Can working late lead to a lifelong experience?
• Can love overcome friendship?
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Lindl Simmons holds a BA degree, an MS degree, and a juris doctorate. Simmons settled in Texas and has lived there happily for more than forty years.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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