Love and Death at the Encierro
Love and Death at the Encierro
A Harold Gatewood Mystery: Volume 1
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Harold Gatewood has always been a determined man. But now after a successful nine-year professional baseball career, he is injured and at the crossroads of his life. Focused on making a comeback, Harold dutifully follows doctors’ orders to rest and heads to the Festival of San Toro de Lidia in Spain to satisfy a lifelong goal. Unfortunately, Harold has no idea of the danger that is waiting for him.

Soon Harold is caught up in the excitement and pageantry of the festival. Even when his hotel room is ransacked, Harold is not deterred from having fun. But while love blossoms with a beautiful model with a mysterious past and a dangerous present, a sociopathic serial killer begins taking victims. As Harold is unwittingly thrust into a murder investigation, he must face threats from his female companion’s former lover and battle with an international terrorist organization determined to carry out a lethal operation. But as Harold is led down a perilous path where a revelation awaits, he discovers that life—like his baseball career—will never be the same again.

In this mystery novel, a washed-up baseball player heads to Spain to watch a famous festival where he nds love, becomes immersed in a murder investigation, and heads in an unexpected direction.

AIO National Commander Ekain Koldo was determined to put Operation Ice Chest in motion. Strategy needed to accomplish the mission's goal of improvement in the path to self-determination and independence for the Basque people included a complex, multi-level maze of coordinated tactical activities by over a dozen field operatives and the use of more violent means to attack a beloved cultural landmark during the Festival of San Toro de Lidia. Little did Koldo know that his dream for the Basque people would be complicated by Harold Gatewood, an American baseball player facing the end of his injury-cursed career. Gatewood would visit Spain to enjoy the festival and the Running of the Bulls encierro. His life would forever be altered by meeting and falling in love with a beautiful model with a mysterious past and a secret life, Lore Lehoi. Gatewood would also become involved in the San Toro de Lidia murder spree investigations, tussles with a deranged serial killer, events of political espionage, dealings with the AIO, and the jealous rage of Lore's ex-lover, bullfighter Andoni Mikola. All of the danger-filled encounters result in numerous surprises, and a thrilling series of events which impact Gatewood's life.

Hal Gra holds a doctorate in business administration and is a professor of business. His diverse career has included stints as a professional baseball player, an insurance agent, sales manager, farm owner, and business owner. He currently resides in Bloomington, Illinois. This is his first book.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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