Know the Truth and Get Healthy
Know the Truth and Get Healthy
A Step-By-Step Guide to True Health and Vitality
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Step Out of the Illusion of Disease; Say No to Sickness and Pain; Reclaim Your Health!
You are Worth It!

Are you sick, overweight, tired, or simply not feeling your best? Are you looking for a way to improve your health and your life? In Know the Truth and Get Healthy, author Hilde Larsen offers a unique compilation of information to help you change your current situation.

Larsen offers a step-by-step plan to better health and increased happiness. Based on her personal journey from chronic illness to the world of wellness, she examines an array of topics that include a discussion of why humans are sick, and she shows how real health is very simple. From detoxification to raw living food to liver flushing, fasting, and more, Know the Truth and Get Healthy delves into the details of healing and vitality. 

With recipes and other tools included, this guide offers a path to true healing and to a better way of living. Larsen tells how important it is to decide to change, make a plan, and stick to it. She advocates making a commitment to yourself. You are worth it.
When you are ready to feel amazing, make sure this book in in your hands! Being healthy is natural. It is what we are designed to be. There is nothing natural about having a body that is imbalanced, tired, sick and in pain. There are no so called dis-eases in nature. There are no animals with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or asthma. They are not allergic to the foods that they eat, and they do not get fat and tired. When they get sick, from a bacteria or a trauma, they lay down and rest, drinking only water, so that their body can heal and restore. Regeneration is therefore supported, and nature can take its course. You see, in nature, every species lives in harmony with mother earth. From living in harmony with sunrise and sundown, the seasons are honored, and food is gathered and killed for survival. Eating is not linked to suppressing emotions and feeding different types of addictions. Nature has a perfectly harmonic way of existing, and the further away from that harmony that we stray, the more troubles we are in. The further from truth that we wander, the more despair we will experience. As a species, we as humans keep drifting away from our natural path. This is where healing got lost, and dis-ease manifested. Your health is in your own hands, and that can feel like a burden, or it can feel like the true freedom that it is. The statement; "chronic illness is an illusion" will either empower you, or make you angry and sad. The truth is that once we realize that we ourselves, truly hold the key to changing our health and life, inner strength will come forth like never before. The illusion is not that the illness/imbalance or dis-ease that is being experienced and lived is not real. It simply means that it does not have to be chronic. Chronic simply means long standing, and the medical community is using it as a label for what they see as incurable. It does not have to stay stagnant, as the body can and will heal anything, when given a chance. As we have been misled and misguided, confusion and lack of self-love has become our greatest obstacle to overcome when it comes to true health. By that I mean that not loving ourselves is the root of why we are not treating ourselves with the best care that there is. This lack of self-love is what allows us to keep hurting and punishing ourselves. We need to realize that we are all worth it. We are all worth having healthy, amazing lives. It's natural to be healthy, and happiness is a choice. You are worth it, every single bit of it. Every day, walking towards the life that you desire, you will realize that you are worthy. You just need to know that you want it, to start walking. And you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get there. That is how we accomplish anything. One day at the time. One step, one bite, one thought and one spoken word at the time. This is the time, and you are the one you have been waiting for. Get your gear together, and get ready for the ride of your life. Get ready to hang on the corner of Healthy and Happy, and let any sorrow or pain just walk on by.
Hilde Larsen
is the owner and founder of She is a certified health and wellness coach from IIN, author, raw food teacher, and certified detox specialist. Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of twenty-eight years have a second home in Florida. Larsen is a mother and grandmother.

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