The Quantum Cartographer
The Quantum Cartographer
Book of Cruxes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It is 2033 somewhere in the middle of Nevada as Eliza Carrefour stares at the Proctor, a shrouded man sitting in her living room, surrounded by eight men equally as mysterious and uninvited. Eliza, mother of a two-year-old son and a former scientist, knows this is the night she has long feared. Moments later after she barely escapes the men, she races to a secret location: the home of Nour Delarune, the only one who can help her son safely reach his destiny.

As Eliza's son is forcefully pulled toward his destination, Nour places him inside a time machine that will transport him to the Lost Aeon, a time buried by the memory of history. Within that memory sits the ancient land of Kressya, once the home of a mystical crystal believed to have unlocked the doors of time. Kressya's empire is desperate to gain possession of the sacred relic and its power. Nija, now a young Kressyan boy, finds himself thrown in the middle of it all. Whether he is prepared or not, the fate of the entire continuum depends on whether he can decipher the secrets of the past and secure a future.

In this science fiction adventure, a boy time-travels to an ancient land where he must outrun an enemy as invincible as time to reclaim a powerful crystal and save all that is yet to come.

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Kristen Keenon Fisher is from a land far away-the eastern shore of Virginia. Raised by his mother in a castle full of music and love, Kristen embraced daily adventures with his sister. Later, he studied audio engineering and graphic design in Maryland. Kristen now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I love the writing style of the author. Very vivid descriptions and details that make me feel as though I am a part of the story. Lot's of surprise developments and a great ending, and if you like time travel, you will love this tale!

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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