Kudzu Kats
Kudzu Kats
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Kudzu (koo-d-zoo)

A fast growing Chinese and Japanese climbing vine. Kudzu is found in abundance in the southern United States. It covers almost everything in its path; telephone poles, bushes, trees and even barns.

Most people see Kudzu as a nuisance, but for many small animals it provides a safe home.

Kudzu Kats is the tale of fi ve homeless cats who have come together as a family. Their story is one of survival and bonding in the safety of the kudzu.

Lilli is the head of the family, Lefty is the protector of the family, Emmy and Callie spend their time playing and frolicking and then there is 8-Ball, the youngest of the family. 8-Ball finds more than one way to get herself into trouble.

Lefty was soaking wet and 8-Ball's tail was bloody when they got back to the Kudzu. "What happened to you?" asked Emmy and Callie at the same time. Before Lefty or 8-Ball could reply, Lillie spoke up and said, "I see you met Hoot." Emmy and Callie looked at Lilli and rolled their eyes knowing 8-Ball was in for a long lecture now.

Richard Jordan was born and raised in the South. His love for reading and animals was evident from an early age. He would bring home and raise anything and everything—dogs, cats, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and baby birds. His love though has always been cats and kittens. His mother taught Richard a love for reading, and he passed that love along to his children. Richard and his wife, Eileen, live in Marathon in the Florida Keys, along with their five cats—Midnight, Maggie, Scooter, Sally, and TC.


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