A Child Speaks
A Child Speaks
A Long Journey Home
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Dee Dee Brumm asks readers to hold her in their hearts as they read her memories of a childhood scarred by sexual abuse. It is a survivor's story, the details unremembered until she grew to adulthood. Her story reflects the many dilemmas that a child faces, including dependency, the desire for independence, and the frustrations resulting from adult views of the child. Brumm addresses the vulnerabilities children experience and makes it clear that anger at a child can sometimes endanger that child's life. The author hopes that after reading her true story, readers will have a greater awareness of the dangers that can mar a child's life, and the unintended consequences of actions taken without love.
It was late one night. I remember coming into the room and there she was lying on the bed crying. She just lay there stretched out like Wendy in Peter Pan. Her satin gown lay smoothly around her and on the bed as if placed there so perfectly. Her bare feet were just lying there. I could hear the sound of crying, crying in the stillness. Where was she? I know, lying on the bed. But, where was she? She certainly didn't seem like she was there, present that is, to look at here it seemed like an dream and yet she cried.
Dee Dee Brumm is a first-time author. She has been interested in and concerned about the vulnerability of children throughout the world for a long time. Dee Dee Brumm has an extensive academic and international developmental background. She currently lives in Virginia.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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