Connecting the Social, Emotional and Cognitive Needs of Children
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Children have a lot in common with flowers: To blossom, they must be properly nurtured; they all have different needs; and their differences make each one more beautiful.

Mattie Lee Solomon, Ph.D., who has dedicated her life to educating children, explores how educators and those who work with children, parents, and other family members can help youngsters reach their full potential in this guidebook.

She zeroes in on the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of children and explains how to:

· promote the importance of play;

· encourage children to develop trusting relationships;

· guide and discipline children; and

· focus on activities that help children learn.

She also highlights how teachers and family members can work together to create a better nurturing environment for children—one that pays attention to mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you’re an educator, someone else who works with children, a parent or other family member, you’ll be empowered to give children tools to grow and succeed with the insights in Nurture.

Research showed that in order to create a nurturing experience for children all three areas of development social, emotional & cognitive has to be connected "Nurture" defines each area of development in a way that demonstrates the roles they play together. This is done by defining each and merging them together to show how the way children develop is connected to all of their experiences with adults and peers.

Dr. Mattie Lee Solomon has educated Indianapolis children and adults for over twenty years as a teacher, school administrator (principal), university professor and in other positions. She earned a K-12 business education teacher degree from the University of Indianapolis; a master’s degree in K-12 educational administration from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana; and a Ph.D. in the philosophy of education from Indiana State University, Terra Haute, Indiana. She is also the author of Missing Link?, What Did Your Parent Do to You?, and Disciplining Someone Else’s Children.


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