When Demons Attack
When Demons Attack
A Personal Account of Spiritual Struggle
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Beneath what we know as reality, there exists a different, unseen plane of both consciousness and existence. And while we may not always be able to see, hear, smell, or touch this level of reality, for many it is all too real. Dark forces, demons, and entities based on fear and negativity can be sent to the earth to attach themselves to human hosts. This is one man’s story.


In When Demons Attack: A Personal Account of Spiritual Struggle, author Daniel Vaughnwessellhoft shares in stark and honest detail his nightmare as he confronts demonic, dark forces in battle. After moving into a new house in Louisiana, Daniel finds a waxen pentagram on the floor—and once he removes it—his life would never be the same. Not only a chronicle of his paranormal experiences—including visitations, possessions, and unexplainable phenomena—When Demons Attack also serves as a guidebook for those afflicted by dark entities to both understand and battle these dark forces in their own lives.



Because the dark forces inhabiting the lower realms often attach themselves to people suffering from sin, weakness of the heart, and pain, the best weapon in the battle is love and support from God’s Word. Putting our faith in God and in the salvation of Christ will not only help us free ourselves from the assaults of the enemy today—it will also provide us with eternal peace forever.

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Daniel Vaughnwessellhoft has studied the paranormal for the last six years, coinciding with this six-year battle fighting demons. He now spends his time helping others who are struggling with demonic forces, and he is a volunteer chaplain at a local hospital in Brooksville, Florida.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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