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Many people are concerned with the here and now, but a larger question looms: Where will you spend eternity?

In Choices, author Jerry McDermott delves deeper into some of the themes he explored in his book: A Gilded Walk: The Path to Heaven. He shows beyond doubt that there is an afterlife—something that the “whatever” generation has not faced.

The ultimate goal for everyone should be to spend eternity in heaven with a loving God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our DNA is below God’s standards which can be met with repentance through his graces.

McDermott reveals how to determine where you will spend eternity, so that when you’re asked that question, you won’t be guessing. Even if you have lived a life steeped in sin, you can seek God’s forgiveness to become the person you should be.

Crash through roadblocks impeding your personal growth, find peace in chaotic times, and examine the only two places which will become your eternal home with Choices.

I wondered if I were really in any danger? If I could get my suitcase under the doorknob inside the guest room, I would probably be safe. Naw, nothing would happen. Or would it? All his hatred for things was transferred from things to someone and that someone was me! I had to get out. I have never packed so fast either; I doubt that it took me two minutes. I just threw my gear in the suitcase; I did not care whether a sleeve hung out or not. But in spite of the inner fear, I could not leave. There was something else stirring inside me. Why have our mothers had such an influence on our lives? Before I could leave, I had to strip the bed and fold the sheets, something we had always done whenever we visited anyone. Once this was accomplished, and only then, I flew down the stairs and ran to my rental car in the driveway. I threw the suitcase across the driver’s seat and locked all the doors. Now safe, I exhaled all my fears and drove away.

Jerry McDermott earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and also completed additional graduate studies. He was previously a staff engineer, account manager, and Air Force reservist before becoming a writer. He has published hundreds of magazine articles and three books. He has also served as church council president and as lay pastor. He lives in the Southwest with his wife.


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