Ocean Depths
Ocean Depths
A Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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While Callista Sunders recovers in a hospital room from an unexpected accident, hopelessness fills the crack in her heart and only love can repair the fissure. Love is something she never thought she would find outside of her Grandma Anne, her mother, and her twin brother-until she met Lord Triton. But now he is missing and Callista fears the worst. All she has is his sigil that she wears around her neck and the hope that one day they will be reunited. Callista never thought she'd be spending her eighteenth birthday in the hospital, but when she receives Triton's journal as a gift, everything changes. While studying it with Grandma Anne, Callista finds a spell designed for time travel. Anne, along with her coven attempt to send Callista back in time to the island they know as Pitcairn. If it works and she survives, Callista will know Triton, but to him, she will be a complete stranger. In this continuing tale, a young woman must use her special abilities and a time travel spell to find Triton, a merman deity who needs her help, and she, his.
A voice broke into my thoughts, "Callista, I'm not the Grim Reaper. But if you keep searching as you are, you may find worse than him." My eyes shot open, and it was Tad's Candice! Dumbfounded, I blinked several times as if she was an illusion. Her curvaceous build was in scrubs, no less. As I continued to stare at her, she cocked her head curiously. Finally I whispered hoarsely, "Grandma Anne said you were taking care of me. But I didn't think she meant you!" Her lips twitched mischievously as she said, "I'm a nurse." I wondered what accelerated program she was in as I whispered, "You heard me searching for the Grim Reaper, how?" She smiled warmly at me, "Callista, Lord Triton sent me here to help care for you and your family. Like him, I'm not what I seem." Reaching in her scrubs side pocket, she placed a small jeweler's pouch on my blanket covered lap. I clumsily opened it with shaking hands. The cleansed shiny chain with Triton's sigil on it slid into my palm. Candice said in my mind, "Here, let's put it on you, and remember, don't take it off. It'll help us locate you wherever you are. You understand that Lord Triton put an important spell on it right? Besides, it calls to his blood and identifies you as a part of the Pacii clan. His family will feel it too, and immediately know you as one of their own. But it will fade out of sight if Lord Triton's enemies are near, no matter who it is." I focused on Candice, "A part of the Pacii clan?"
C. L. Sherman enjoys San Diego beaches, swimming, her animal friends, gardening, creating art, playing piano, guitar, and writing fiction. She currently lives in Sonoita, Arizona. Ocean Depths A Time is her second book in the series.

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