The Memoir of a Combat Medic in Afghanistan
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Gritty, harrowing and full of courage, a testimony to the men and woman from the council estates of Britain who lived and died in the longest campaign the British Army has fought in decades a must read for any politician.
– AR retired Warrant Officer 1st Class 22 SAS Chantelle Taylor joined the British Army in 1998 as a combat medical technician. Ten years later she made history, becoming the first female soldier to kill a Taliban fighter in close-quarter combat while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In Battleworn, she tells the story of B Company, a beleaguered group of individuals who fought relentlessly to hold Nad-e Ali, a dusty, sweltering hellhole surrounded by the Taliban. A routine patrol into an area saturated with enemy fighters escalates into a seven-week siege. Facing the possibility of death daily, Taylor writes of gun battles and perilous patrols, culminating in the extraction of more than sixty-six casualties with four killed in action. A powerful story written with a humility that captures the sometimes impalpable humour of soldiers at war, Battleworn provides a testament to combat medics all over the world. It highlights the crucial role that they play in today's 360-degree battlefield.
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Chantelle is an ambassador for GBV UNCOVERED an international online think tank dedicated to improving the medical and psychological care available to the survivors of sexual gender-based violence [GBV] in the world's conflict regions. Chantelle's passion to support and empower women comes from a credible background operationally covering the Balkans, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. On leaving the service she was recommended to take the Queen's commission from the ranks before returning to Afghanistan for a third time with the U.S. Department of State, Chantelle developed from inception the trauma assistant program completing two years as an instructor in combat medicine. Moving to Baghdad, Taylor transitioned into diplomatic security and for a further four years she undertook the role of primary protection officer for the Australian Ambassador to Iraq. Currently specialising in the provision and effective implementation of medicine in unstable or hostile regions. Chantelle is looking forward to undertaking a Masters in Security, Terrorism and Intelligence at Kings College in London.

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