Into the Mystery of Life
Into the Mystery of Life
- Pontella "Poni" Rose -
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Milky Way Galaxy’s gravitational forces are tearing apart the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy where the Planet Gareth resides. The space between stars and planets is generally so vast that when galaxies collide or are torn apart planets are rarely damaged. However, Gareth just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The three Rose sisters leave Gareth as it is being destroyed. Using Crystal’s body reduced to radio-light waves, she travels through space at the speed of light, arrives via sunbeam, and materializes on the naked back of sunbathing Mac Dakota, a.k.a. Alleycatmac.



This book is part two of a four-part tetralogy. Here Poni meets her man; the sisters use their special gifts and shapeshifting abilities to enhance their financial situation and fight drug trafficking; Hawk, a Comanche ex-Navy SEAL, does a job for the DEA and finds a potential permanent body for Poni; and Crystal continues to tell us about life on Gareth.

Today was the big day, and the weather looked like it was going to cooperate. It was a clear bright day-no rain in sight. Crystal was up early, ran with Mac, and then drove over to meet Poni and Zoe. All the gear was at their chosen spot on Hwy 151. She would fly over and the wolves would run. They headed out at 7:30 a.m. and she flew directly to the ranch to wait. When she got there, she sat watching until the one courier got into the van. She followed him to see which direction he would turn. When he turned south, she flew ahead to let her sisters know he was on his way. It was early and she didn't see any other vehicles on the road. Poni and Zoe quickly set up the road scene and waited. When the van was almost to them, they saw it start to slow down. The driver stopped back away and sat inside deciding what to do. The wolf appeared to be tearing at the woman in the road. When he got out slowly with his hand gun drawn, the wolf ran off. As he started to walk toward Zoe, he sensed something behind him, but before he could turn around, Crystal had put him down and out. Zoe was up immediately blindfolding him, taping his mouth, wrists, and feet while Crys moved the van off to the side. Poni came back and all three sisters carried him off the road. They put the bike in the van, got dressed, and headed for Hawk's place. Everything had gone just like planned. When they got to there, it took them a while to find and open the hidden compartments. There were thirty boxes-shoe-size boxes. They open one box, and there were bundles of hundred dollar bills. There was ten thousand dollars in each bundle and one hundred thousand dollars in each box. So, that meant ten boxes would be one million dollars and thirty boxes, three million dollars-just like the guys had said. These boxes weren't very big, and it didn't take them long to unload the van. Poni found two big empty cartons in the basement. They put fifteen boxes in each carton, closed them, and labeled them "personal property of Poni Rose." When they'd finished with the boxes, Crys drove the van north into national forest, found a remote place to leave it, and then flew back to Hawk's place. When she got back, Poni and Zoe were sitting outside on the patio enjoying the sun. "Let's celebrate our first successful heist, ladies," Poni smiled. "It went just like planned. Was that a mag adrenaline rush or what! Did you both get one?" "We got a rush," Zoe grinned. "It was great . . . how quickly we had him down, bound, and off the road. From the time that he stepped out of the van to the time we stepped into the van, I would guess that five to seven minutes passed. That was one exciting adventure," Crys said. "The drug dealers are out three million dollars and a van, we weren't recognized, no one was hurt, and we have our own money now. I have some champagne on ice for us. What a team we make. The money doesn't take up much space in the basement. I think we should leave it all here. What do you think?" Poni asked. "I think so, too," Zoe agreed. "Let's open one box. Having some extra cash to spend couldn't hurt as long as we don't spend big, maybe two hundred dollars each. Also, someone needs to keep a record of our withdrawals, so we know where it's going." "I think Poni should keep the records," Crys said. "Put a number on each box and then put the ledger in Box One. How long do you think we should wait before we can use a large amount, say for a down payment on Zoe's restaurant? And, let's focus on one investment at a time." "I'd say about six months," Poni said. "By then we would have established that we have steady incomes. All of us could be on title as owners. We might put down ten to fifteen thousand dollars in cash to get it going and pay off the mortgage in one year." "Oh, Poni, I am so excited. I can start looking around for a possible building, reading and studying about the restaurant business, deciding what type of place I want, and how I want to decorate it. Girls, I promise, I'll make it the best restaurant in town. You have no idea how happy you have made me." "This was fun today. Are we going to do it again?" Poni asked. "Let's play it by ear," Crys said. "We'll wait and see if there are any problems from this one. Poni will probably hear something in the next few days when Roberto and Sam come in for lunch. It's a nice feeling having our own money. I'd like to pay Mac back for all the food and clothes he has provided for us. Should we just take it out from all our shares? . . . I think so. How much should we give him?" "Well, he gave us each five hundred dollars for clothes to start, and he's provided all the food, shelter, and transportation. How about four thousand dollars? We can give him one thousand dollars a month. We don't want him to start wondering where we're getting the money," Poni said. "Good," Crys said. "Let's go down, break open Box One, take out one thousand dollars for Mac and two hundred dollars for each of us. Poni, you start the ledger. After that we'll have one more glass of champagne to celebrate our new occupation as drug-busters, and then I'm heading for home. Have you heard anything from Hawk since he's been gone?" "No, but I have a feeling he'll be calling tonight," Poni said. "How are your Comanche-language studies coming?" she asked. "Slowly. I'm good at languages, but it's not an easy one to learn. I can say some basic things-hello, good bye, I want this or that, where's this or that, I love you. I don't even know if he can speak his language, so few Comanches do," Poni said. "Let's get the money, have another drink, and then I'm heading home," Crys said. # It wasn't too late when Hawk got in, and he wanted to hear Poni's voice. He punched a number on his cellphone, and when she answered, his heart beat a little faster.

Victoria Rose is an inspiring new writer with several books to her credit: A Fortune in Jewels: A Josy Rose – Cat Burglar Novel; Into the Mystery of Life - Crystal “Crys” Rose; Apple Cider Vinegar; and Ladies Are You Lost? Options for Women in Unhealthy Relationships. She lives in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


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