The Mysterion Dynasty
The Mysterion Dynasty
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The human mind is deeply mysterious, and it is possible that no one has ever completely understood just how the mind actually works. The mind does not let you see inside of it, in fact always throwing you out into the sensory, everyday life around you. So how do we turn inward and lift the veil on the mind? How does the mind reveal itself to us-if at all? The Mysterion Dynasty uncovers a truth about the mind that has long been concealed-that the mind will tell you what it does if you ask it and then carefully listen when it finally tells you. A result of a thirty-eight year game to discover how our minds actually work, The Mysterion Dynasty chronicles one man's exploration of the many parts and mechanisms of our revealed minds. With continual hard work, author Roger Wells was uniquely enabled to not only discover how the mind works-but also uncover its faults and how these faults lead to destruction and cruelty. Looking inside the mind is only the first step to understanding how it works. Beginning with this understanding, The Mysterion Dynasty will show us how our conscious minds operate in the world and receive and transmit images and other sensory data. Yet even more, learning about the fault in the mind of humankind will offer us the greatest hope and a plan to bring our world into a much better place than it has ever been before-for without knowledge of the fault, all is lost and hopeless.
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Roger Wells is an author and artist, and he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from a large high school and attending several colleges, Roger worked designing and manufacturing medical products and automated machines. He has also participated in sports, coaching, and counseling to teenage boys, and today he lives in his hometown where he enjoys the company of many friends.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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