The Watchmen’s Chronicle
The Watchmen’s Chronicle
The Tower of Babel is Rising
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Raymond Mitchell Moore was once a Marine sniper and CIA assassin. The United States is now known as the Republican Occupied Majority European States of America, and an emperor named Natal Apollyon Vicar rules it. Respected for his service to his country, Raymond is given the job of Natal’s press secretary, never expecting he would soon be tried for treason. Raymond is caught and imprisoned for leaking a blog called “The Watchmen Chronicle.” His enemies are high up in the government: Secret Service agents and even his nemesis, the Reverend Maximus Coven. Coven was once part of a secret prophetic society, called the Watchmen Intercessory Counsel, which forewarned about Natal’s meteoric rise to power. Now one hundred years old, Raymond awaits trial for treason, but while rotting in prison, he writes an important journal about how Natal’s family came to power and how he met them. As it turns out, Raymond is much more than a press secretary; he was once given the task of raising a boy who would become the antichrist. Raymond has protected Natal all his life, so is he guilty or innocent of doing something awful—and in whose eyes?
Prelude June 10, 2063 Dear ABBA, I will have you read some interesting things about the falling away of the church, and how it happened. Well, it is simple; this statement from the Bible reads, “…rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.” It is this word witchcraft that has crept into the church. The word “witchcraft,” comes from the Hebrew word miqsam, in Hebrew is qecem (keh’-sem), a lot or by magical scroll, also divination (include its fee) by an oracle, divine sentence that seeks for a reward. Notice the word, “divination,” which shows up in the book of Acts (Acts 16:16). The word, “charismatic,” comes from the word, “charisma,” from the Greek, charisma (char’-is-mah) G5483, xii a (divine) gratuity, that is, deliverance (from danger or passion); (specifically) a (spiritual) endowment, that is, (subjectively) religious qualification, or (objectively) miraculous faculty: —(free) gift. But Satan has perverted this free gift to a movement that is now turned into the church era of the Laodicea. The epistle you are reading is not a witch hunt, but it deals with the spirit of divination, and the new form ecclesiastical of the Catholic Apostolic Church from the eighteenth century. Paul ministered to a woman that had a demonic spirit, known as a spirit of divination. This very same spirit that has crept into the church of the body of Christ, which unknowingly to most Christians, are calling themselves oracles, miracles works, ministers, and now gods that are wielding the deadly divine sentences of death in others’ lives. Some of the miracles, signs, and lying wonders that have been used to fool the very elect of God into following their magic shows that charge many for a fee to be healed. For the scriptures reads there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; inasmuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. These lying wonders, as the Bible writes (2 Thessalonians 2:9), are only the start of charismatic witchcraft movement. The hidden spellbinders are the prayers of those thinking that they are praying to God, and when only Satan is the answerer of these deadly prayers. Besides any Christian could be guilty of this example of the praying mantis-type prayers of death and sickness over their rebellious loved ones. Once these prayers are done, the victims find themselves much like those who are revived by a witch doctor in a voodoo ritual. So what is the difference between this and grandma praying for her son to come to Jesus? She states, “Even if you have to kill him!” Show me if Jesus prayed any of those prayers over the unrighteous of his day. (Read John 17). Now on an interesting note about the Greek word for “divination,” this Puqwn (poo-thone) was the seat of evil in the region. The temple of Delphi in Greece is where the famous oracle was located. A female that had a python like figure that was supposed to be a diviner or soothsayer used to foretell the future for a fee. The python was a mythological giant snake in Greek mythology, the son of Gaea, known as Mother Earth, that was produced from the slime left on the earth after the great flood. This belief came to the surface once the philosophers had covered up their idolatry by making themselves the new order of priesthood. They started schools much like the school of the Heraclitus of Ephesus, continuing the search of the Ionians for a primary substance, claimed it to be the fire of the gods. Many of the philosophers noticed that the logos another word for ‘fire like words’ doctrine of Heraclitus, which identified the laws of nature with a divine mind, developed into the pantheistic theology of Stoicism, which formulated the doctrine of metaphysics. This religious philosophy became a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of ultimate reality. The 13th-century philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas declared that the cognition of God, through a causal study of finite sensible beings, was the aim of metaphysics. The rise of scientific study in the 16th century soon brought metaphysics and other Greek philosophies into the church. These crept in as the new gods of the church, but notice that it was in the Roman Catholic Church in which these heresies arose. There is the Roman Catholic dogma of the immaculate conception, a holding that from the first instant of its creation the soul of the Virgin Mary was free from original sin. This doctrine is not to be confused with that of the virgin birth, which holds that Jesus Christ was born of a mother that was a virgin. The new Mother Religion or the Revived Catholic Apostolic Church was slowly creeping into the worship of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, which came from Scottish theologian John Duns Scotus that was a member of the Catholic Apostolic Church. The thing that we, the body of Christ, must understand, is that God doesn’t need man to help him with false doctrines of devils and lying wonder. This will bring together the oracle of Delphi into a new order of the Mother Religion and the revived Catholic Apostolic Church, which will have a form of beliefs in Satanism with the Antichrist as the god and the false prophet will be Black Pope of church the Future Mother Religion and the Revived Catholic Apostolic Church of Satan. This will be a church that worships witchcraft (Wicca), spiritualism, and mother goddess religion. It will be up to the hidden Body of Christ that will keep to the ways of the Bible and the spiritual laws of Christ. Keeping way from the denominationalist, which are the wolves and the false prophets that follow the natural laws of mankind. We can believe on Jesus Christ as God without the fables and false doctrine that come from the flesh, the world, demonic system. Mankind only needs to read the true word to get the real picture of who God is. Beware of false prophets come to you dressed as sheep, but inside they are devouring wolves. The feeling that these wolves bring death and judgment, which are cowardly money grubbers in sheep’s clothing would ask God for deliverance that believe in the rapture. Why should God deliver these wolves that didn't care for the sheep that were slaughtered. These false shepherds prowled as if the same wolves that sentence Christ to his death have led me to ask my question “…would they kill the Anti-Christ and play god?” This made me wonder, what would a person do if they saw the son of perdition face to face? Sincerely your Servant, De'Angelo M. Jonah
Michael Tsaphah grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia. Born with clinical depression, he served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. He graduated from Oral Roberts University with an associate’s in evangelism and then went to Florida Metropolitan University to study film and video. He battles his depression through writing, painting, and public speaking.

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