The Eye of the Aspen and Other Bad Poems
The Eye of the Aspen and Other Bad Poems
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The Eye of the Aspen
If you look at the bark
Of an aspen tree
Where a limb has been lost
An eye you will see.

The eye may not see
But, if it could,
The tree would be made
Of more than just wood ...
-Jay Eacker

In a refreshing collection of poetry that intertwines humor with poignancy, Jay Eacker shares fifty or more bad poems that reflect on the world through his eyes.

Eacker's poetry explores not only relatable subjects such as gardening, nature, sports, love, aging, and life, but also the process of writing doggerel (bad verse). Helped by his wry sense of humor, Eacker makes fun of the annual ritual of sprinkling money-also known as flower seeds-on the ground every spring; rowing a boat that goes nowhere; and indulging in the joy of the nap. Also included are touching poems that reflect on days of fishing with his father, brotherly and young love, and the dreams of youth.

In this collection of fifty or more bad poems, a college professor reflects on life, love, and why Warren Buffett is a guy with a lot of fish to fry.

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Jay Eacker is a professor emeritus of psychology at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. He holds a bachelor of arts in philosophy from the University of Idaho and a master of science and doctorate in general experimental psychology from Washington State University. He has written two books on philosophical issues in psychology, and one on the application of behavioral principles to skiing. He currently resides in Meridian, Idaho, with his wife, Barbara Jones.


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