The Adventure of Fitz Michael
The Adventure of Fitz Michael
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In the late ninth century, the Vikings have entered Irish waters and also the Isle of Man. Plunged into a cylindrical tower by the late abbot Father Daniel, Fitz Michael Ghabron is chosen to escape off the isle with the last remaining relic of the monastery belonging to St. Columba. After following a mysterious angelic voice, Fitz finds himself in an unknown cave belonging to a Scottish hermit who belongs to the sacred order of monks called the Samhadi Paidraig. The two monastic warriors decide to seek out revenge on the pillaging Norsemen who have sacked their monastery called Patrick. The adventure to take the relic of the saint to the High King of Tara is sidetracked with a new and divine purpose, and also with a divine ax inherited by the Irish from Inuit Eskimo hunters. The two monastic warriors find themselves in faraway lands belonging to the Viking, Pict, and Micmac warriors that Fitz calls the children of God.

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Lee Crossland is currently a social worker for aging citizens and autistic children. He has a Bachelor degree in LIberal Arts and has graduated from the University of California. He has now published his first book and does plan to publish one more. Lee and his wife Ashley have two children named Launa and Vivian and live in Scottdale Pa.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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