The Satan Bomb
The Satan Bomb
A Thriller
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Statue of Liberty had been blown up by a knapsack loaded with C-4. Richard Jameson's retirement goals were to be a stay-at-home dad with his beloved Nassir and his wife, Marty. After saving the life of the president of the United States, he needed a long vacation from being "on the job." His plans were working out until the phone rang. The best-laid plans of men and mice . . . The Satan Bomb is a fast-paced novel which takes us from New York to Pyongyang and on to Buffalo and Toronto. A vicious international assassin has been trained to create havoc in New York City. His guile in disarming and dispatching any adversary swiftly was not only a necessity to his vocation, it was mandatory. His methods intended to cause indescribable suffering and death to thousands. Their deaths will not be instantaneous, but they will be painful and excruciating. Will he succeed, or will Jameson triumph where others have failed? Another attack on America in the likes of 9/11 could bring America to its knees. This time, the menace does not originate among the dictatorships of the Middle East but in the despotic regime of North Korea. Jack Segal has succeeded in this venture, keeping the reader in shock and suspense.
From behind his desk, the Director removed a black nylon suitcase. "The combination lock had been reset to the numbers 9-1-1," he began. "The reason is quite clear. This date was the beginning of the end for the Americans, brought about by our Muslim brothers in their struggle. Although it happened sixteen years ago, the Americans are still in fear. Westerners cannot focus in achieving goals as we Asians can. They only care about the sports standings of their local teams, or which person to screw next both in sexually and in business."
Jack Segal, retired educator, is an avid student of history and politics. The Satan Bomb is the sequel to Unfinished Vengeance.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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