The Mustard Seed
The Mustard Seed
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In 2095, the god we worship is the wrong god; the science we believe in is not complete, and middle-aged Raphael Aronson lives a satisfied life as a sixth-level campaign formulator in a high-rise building in New Clovis City, USR. He is about to find out that technology is the same as human genetics, scripture is science, war is the same as peace, and God is not God. He will find it all in his search for the reason why his friend has been murdered for information he found by accident.

Aronson works creating political resumes that will be filled, after the fact, by men and women in bogus elections where the winner is nearly always determined in advance of the vote. With the help of a few friends, he dives into the city that has no police force, no cars, no cell phones, rife with hedonism in an attempt to discover who killed his friend, only to find that those who profess they are trying to "make the republic great" are pawns, helpless against the total power that was revealed in the stories of the scriptures and the text books of science.

He is led by a mysterious recluse, who calls himself a watcher, on a trip through human history and prehistory-how mankind progressed from "a curious little biped" to become one of the most powerful entities on earth, from scientific Adam and Eve through the Renaissance and into the third millennium AD where the politics of greed and falsehood nearly destroyed mankind in a flash of worldwide war. And he finds the top of the food chain, but it is not who he expected.

He learns how science and religion have always told the same story, and he will find out how the FoxP2 gene, the theory of relativity and the parable of the mustard seed are the answers to our current existence and the explanation of our future.

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John T. Hourihan Jr., a retired journalist, has won state, regional and national awards for his opinion column in several New England newspapers. He received the Cross of Gallantry for valor in Vietnam, where he served three tours as a Vietnamese linguist. He is disabled now from the effects of Agent Orange. He lives with his author wife Lin Hourihan (The Virtue of Virtues, The Mystery of the Sturbridge Keys) in the woods of central Massachusetts. His other works are Beyond the Fence, Parables for a New Age I and II, and Play Fair and Win.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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