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Ouch! is about preschoolers’ social-emotional development and discovery, which includes strategies for children to stand up for themselves using their own words or those from this book. Teachers and social workers in early childhood settings can use this book as a resource to provide strategies to young learners.

Ouch! I say Ouch! When it hurts but no one sees or hears me, what can I do? Ouch! I say Ouch when it hurts me. Can you make the pain go away? Ouch! Do not snatch that from me. It hurts my feelings. Ouch! Can you see the tears in my eyes when you hurt me? Ouch

Evelyn Ayum has been an early childhood educator for the past 25 years. She is a Bank Street School graduate who is an expert in her field. She hold several licenses and is board certified as a reading specialist, teacher of the handicapped and a learning disabilities teacher consultant. Evelyn has presented many technology workshops for preschool teachers at various teacher conventions . She is a teacher coach and mentor to many early childhood educators. She dedicated her life to supporting and educating children from New York to Newark, New Jersey.

Evelyn has written several books:“What Directors Need to Know About Assessment,” “Ouch!” “The Discovery Area,” “Things Preschoolers Do in the Art Area,” The Dramatic Play Area,” “A Pictorial Review of the Preschool Environment” “The Music Area” and many more. Finally, Evelyn is married and has a smart and adorable daughter whose in medical school.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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