Misty Mountain Murders and the River of Death
Misty Mountain Murders and the River of Death
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Recently retired NCIS agent Billy Boy Boyd has just returned home to Tennessee. He’s looking forward to enjoying some free time, but that fantasy doesn’t last long. His friend Blinky, an often drunk and bitter Vietnam veteran, has just called about an apparent suicide down by the river. There isn’t a body yet—just a suicide note and the remains of a hand.

A search party is formed, and Blinky, Boyd, and his high school sweetheart, Smokey, start combing the area by the Nolichucky River for the victim. But it’s soon apparent that this investigation may be more than they bargained for. A missing girl, a jilted lover, the Mafia, and revenge bring Billy to a disturbing conclusion: that murder is the order of the day, and he might be next on the hit list.

In a novel filled with every deadly sin in a land of moonshine and legends, O. Ray Knapp sweeps you to the whitewater rivers of the high Appalachian Mountains, where the peace and tranquility of a small, mountain community is rocked by murder.

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O. Ray Knapp has written features stories for the Erwin Record that garnered awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Tennessee Press Association. Since 2007, he has published a monthly column in the Erwin Record. Knapp and his wife, Frances, live in Erwin, Tennessee.

Misty Mountain Murders is another spell bindingwritten by Knapp. I found it impossible to put down. If you have everbeen in the area where the murder takes place you will recognize many of the landmarks, some well-known like the ?Devils Looking Glass? others only known by locals. The Nolichucky River is the ominous backdrop during most of this story, which is not for the light of heart, as the murders are raw and brutal as the river is during flood stage. Highly recommend tagging along with Billy Bob to help find the true murderer. Am looking forward to Knapp's new book.

with Billy Bob to help find the killer, if you know the area around Erwin, Tennessee this will be of particular interest to you.

I am looking forward to additional books by O Ray Knapp
Mrs Tuggle  

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